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Intelligent data done simply. 

Today, there are a wealth of "i" or "intelligent" products, but what does intelligent really mean? To us, intelligence is sophistication; it is simplicity. With this in mind, we've developed solutions that combine high performance with ease of use. Our iData Solutions are expertly designed to manage the capture, routing, reporting, and dissemination of vital business information - we streamline the data collection process and then present your data in a clearly defined, logical way.

We strive to empower your company to meet its business objectives, while saving you time and money. Not only will our solutions drastically improve your data accuracy, but they will simplify your current business processes, allowing your enterprise to function more efficiently.

Less work for better results? Now that's what we call intelligence.

Furthermore, QUADRAS iData Solutions scalable, easy to implement, and require no change to any existing legacy structure, whether it is ERP, WMS, POS, etc. We are currently the only company in the industry that can boast this level of compatibility. With QUADRAS solutions, organizations can reduce operational expense, track and manage vital assets, improve employee productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure compliance; all while providing users with an easy to use solution that works from their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Our solutions provide low risk, proven results, and the highest level of accuracy in all deployments. Even more, QUADRAS solutions are not cost prohibitive - we offer total flexibility with affordability. 

Why choose QUADRAS iData Solutions?

We do things differently from our competitors. After seeing so many businesses put a great deal of time and money into systems which continually deliver less than perfect results, QUADRAS refuses to provide anything less than the highest level of accuracy to our clients. We will deliver what we promise and help you attain your key performance goals.

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