With iCapture, quickly and easily create enterprise-class mobile forms that can be used on any device, anywhere. iCapture is the secure method for mobile inspections and data capture, and reports automatically to your company's existing database.  iCapture also comes packed with robust features such as our full offline and online data capture capabilities.

iCapture Key Features {Specifics}    

Any Device

iCapture works with the devices you want to use – iPads, Android tablets, and Microsoft Windows devices, PCs, Anoto Digital Pens with paper, Hosted or On-premise Servers, Laptops, Workstations - – both online/and offline!

Collect Any Data

iCapture supports any data type you need -- text, checkboxes, radio buttons, photos, GPS, barcodes, RFID, speech, and more.



Sync Your Data Anywhere

Mi-Forms Data Integration Capabilities


iCapture fully supports Active Directory and Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server and SharePoint and can be integrated with almost any backend system.






Online and Offline Data Capture 

Web-based real time data collection or offline collection with simple synchronization when you’re ready.



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