Enterprise Asset Management

At QUADRAS, we have the resources ready to assist you with EAM software, installation, upgrades, optimization, customization or integration. 

Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAMS)  have changed from simple asset tracking and preventive maintenance to more complex enterprise maintenance systems.  The new EAMS, formerly known as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), provide comprehensive solutions for corrective and preventive maintenance, supply chain management and integration with other systems.  Not only have these new systems become more specialized to focus on industries, such as transportation, utilities, healthcare, education, etc., but they have evolved into maintenance information systems that focus on asset life cycle management, asset performance, reliability management and more. 

Organizations that need EAMS software often have the resources to perform the maintenance functions, but don't have the right resources for the installation or configuration of the software.  In today's environment where expenses are tight, hiring the right skill set to install your EAMS system can be out of the question. 

Let QUADRAS do the work for you!

As a trusted, highly capable resource, QUADRAS strategically matches business with talented, pre-qualified professionals.  We go further to provide you with the right people.  Whether you need a managed project team or a help desk consultant, we go above and beyond to ensure our professionals have the right technical and soft skills to perform their duties, as well as mesh with your culture. 

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