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QUADRAS has a proven track record in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries, currently servicing such companies as Eli Lilly, Cardinal Health, and Zimmer Medical.

We are proud to offer an innovative and ever growing suite of solutions, tailored to those in the Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, and Biotechnology fields. Please read on to learn more about our specialized solution offerings!

iCapture Solution

The iCapture solution is the industry's premier mobile data capture system for healthcare applications and HIPAA compliance solutions. Features include handwriting recognition, wireless data transfer to existing databases through HL7, and much more!


Efficient & Effective Mobile Data Capture - Save time and money by reducing the steps in the data capture process - convert handwriting directly into machine-readable form.

Signature Capture - iCapture's signature capture system computer-enables your existing patient acknowledgement process.

"On Demand" Data Retrieval - Experience convenient, "on demand" retrieval of signed electronic forms using standard PDF formats or web browser applications.

Security & Audit Controls - iCapture provides full audit trails for the Who, What, and Why for all changes to, and views of, session and system data.


  • Reduce Manual Data Entry Costs by 80-90%
  • Significantly Reduce Paper Consumption
  • Provide Real Time Information
  • Easily Identify Records with Complete Audit Information & Audit Trail Export Option
  • Securely Save & Send Information to Multiple Departments & Servers
  • Interface & Integrate Directly with Existing Enterprise Systems
  • Meet 21CFR Part 11 Requirements

iAsset Solution

QUADRAS's iStor Solution, a cutting edge product delivery and tracking system, helps hospitals resolve drug safety issues.

The Challenge

Drug shortages are a topic of great concern. What is even more alarming, however, is the instance of discard among these scarce drugs due to issues with their storage and safety. The top story February 15th, 2012 on, titled, "Amid shortages, rules for hospitals to trash scarce drugs," delved into this growing problem. According to the article, there were 267 drugs that were in shortage last year, which is the highest instance of shortage in U.S. history. "Mounting shortages of crucial drugs are creating a new dilemma for the nation's hospital pharmacists, who say they find themselves caught between breaking government rules for storage and safety - or throwing away vital and lifesaving medications."

Drug expiration, mishandling, and improper storage are just a few of the many reasons that life-saving drugs are discarded. Thus, QUADRAS has created a solution that allows for hospitals to easily manage and monitor medications, allowing them to stay in compliance, mitigate risks, and conserve product.

The Solution

The iAsset Solution, equipped with both RFID and bar-coding capabilities, can be easily installed into any cabinet, refrigeration unit, or other product holding container. Once installed, it essentially allows users to check product in and out, while capturing important data on product dispensation. The iAsset can also monitor product life cycles and send maintenance alerts via text, email, etc. This solution is ideal for high value products or those with strict expiration or usage requirements.

Our iAsset Solution successfully eliminates problems associated with product sales tracking, product dispensation, product billing, and personnel authentication. Additionally, businesses can now easily monitor temperature changes (for temperature sensitive products), send automatic invoices based on product removal, track & monitor product storage, and much more!


  • Keep Track of Item Removal - Who Took It, When Taken, How Long It Has Been Out
  • Set Authorization & Access Controls (Optional Biometrics & RFID)
  • Complete Chain of Custody – From Manufacturer, to Pharmacy, to Patient
  • Set First In/First Out Product Notifications to Prevent Unnecessary Expiration
  • Monitor Product Temperatures (Only Applicable to Refrigerated Units & with RFID)
  • Set Grace Periods Per Item for Removal From Unit
  • Automatic, Configurable Alerts as Reports, Text Messages, Emails
  • Report Daily Usage & Usage Statistics for Replenishment Purposes
  • Send Automatic Invoices Upon Removal of Products
  • Ability to Input Patient Number During Product Dispensation for Records, Billing, Insurance
  • System Can Interface with Any Back-end System via Standard Database API's


  • Track All Medication, Blood, etc. with 100% Accuracy
  • Eliminate Out of Stock, Expiring Drug Issues, Over Distribution
  • Never Violate Storage & Stability Rules Again
  • Ensure Accurate Forecasting & Purchasing of Vital Drugs
  • Installation is Easy - Some Completed in as Little as Days
  • Most Cost Effective Refrigerated Item Tracking System in the World
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