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Organizations with geographically dispersed assets, including utilities, water, wastewater, government and defense will benefit from the incorporation of ESRI's ArcGIS components into their Asset Management framework, providing user interfaces that support robust interactions between the asset management and GIS systems in a single integrated environment.

Seamless integration with ESRI ArcGIS, Geographical Information System creates powerful asset management solutions that let users easily locate the position of geographically-dispersed assets, such as linear assets, on a map. Field technicians spend a large portion of their time traveling back and forth across the city performing maintenance at multiple locations. The capabilities of the GIS integration module help optimize the workday by planning a more efficient route to designated locations, thereby reducing drive time and increasing the efficiency of the city's labor work force.

Mobile GIS is the expansion of a geographic information system (GIS) from the office into the field. A mobile GIS enables field based personnel to capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display geographic information. Mobile GIS integrates one or more of the following technologies:


  1. Mobile Devices
  2. Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  3. Wireless Communications for Internet GIS Access

Quadras' iData technology is also available directly on Tablet PCs with the same ink recognition functionality. Our development team designs Intelligent Paper solutions for our clients providing options to deploy based upon your requirements. Our mobile data collection solutions for digital pens have enabled our clients to digitally record data for many purposes. Digital pen solutions allow our clients to not only maintain physical documents, but additionally maintain 'soft' copies and form data available for global access, archiving and integration. Some of our solutions include: Inspections, Work Orders and Maintenance, Health Care, Fleet Management, Time Sheets, Federal Regulated Document Solutions.


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