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There are a variety of well known methods used today for securing our many connected systems. Solutions range from the simple authentication of a User via their credentials, to encrypting data, providing security certificates, Virtual Private Networks, using Secure Identity tokens, etc.

However, at QUADRES we have found that there is an obvious, gaping hole in the design of each of these security methods. Their flaws can best be described with a scenario:

Imagine you are at your laptop, working on a document that has sensitive information, when a colleague innocently walks up behind you. The last two feet between your laptop's screen and your and the colleague's eyes is NOT secure, and is an unprotected liability. The colleague can see what you see, as well as what you are working on. 

With iData's iSecure product, this security gap is filled.   

In the same senario, your computer screen will go from this,

to this,

the moment your system recognizes that there is an additional person in view. iSecure will also recognize a potential security lapse when you step away or look away from your laptop, and will pixilate your screen in the same way. 

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