iCapture v10 Product Features Include:


  •  Integrated syntax checking & highlighting JavaScript editor  for iOS/Android scripting
  •  Improved form import from PDFs & other sources 

Form Usability

  •  Paper-like forms on iPad/Android/Windows tablets
    •  Pinch-zoom manipulation of forms on touch-devices
    •  Finger swipes from page to page
  •  Columnar forms on iPhone/Android phones Region highlighting / hiding for guided form input
    •  Collapsible form areas for more screen real estate


  •  Text fields, dates, checkboxes, images (camera and import),  signature fields, grid fields
  •  Barcode scanning via camera or external scanner


  • Instant form rules validation even while offline without coding or scripting
  • Custom client-side rules in .NET & JavaScript


  • Web service access from forms
  • Use the server to run .NET code from iOS/Android


  •  Route forms for approval
  •  Active Directory support for iOS & Android devices


  • JavaScript & .NET APIs allow for form customization at filling time

Native Clients

  • iPad (iOS v6.0+) , Android (v4.0+) , iPad (iOS v6.0+), Android Tablet (v4.1+),
  • Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP

Web Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 10 +, Chrome, Safari, Firefox


  • Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2

Industry-Leading Handwriting Recognition

  • Combination of multiple handwriting recognition technologies for best recognition on the market:
  • Constrained print recognition with explicit control over legal character sets and lexica support
  • Recognition of narrative handwriting with custom and standard lexica support
  • Customizable handwriting recognition verification user interface

Voice Recognition

Utilize operating system provided voice recognition services or integrate with 3rd party voice recognition services

Powerful iCapture Designer

  • Syntax highlighting & checking JavaScript editor for iOS/Android scripting
  • WYSIWYG designer builds forms optimized for all devices
  • Data palette based design allows creating forms from CDISC  ODM, IBM Lotus
  • Forms, ODBC, XML Schema & Intel Mobile Clinical Assistant
  • Import forms via standard form conversion tool
  • Point-and-click authoring of validation rules
  • Built-in form test mode allows you to test form scripts and data paths
  • Spell checking
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2010

Rich Forms

  • Paper-like formatted forms on iPad/Android/Windows tablets & web browsers
  • Device appropriate form layout on iPhone/Android phones
  • Improved touch support for Windows
  • JavaScript API for iOS, Android & web forms
  • Multiple pictures in a single image annotation field
  • Highlight / hide portions of forms based on context (improved iOS/Android )
  • Capture discrete data via checkboxes, picklists, and multiple types of text fields
  • Capture freeform ink for notes, signatures, and diagrams
  • Audio annotations allow user to include audio recordings with other data
  • Real-time display of validation rule status, with field navigation to assist the user in
  • correcting validation rule violations
  • Support for barcodes (camera & scanner) and RFID
  • Support for GPS & geolocation
  • Print forms at point-of-capture
  • Full keyboard/mouse support

Flexible Data Exports

  • Microsoft Outlook, iCapture Session Files, IBM Lotus Forms

Data Security

  • Encrypted templates (improved ); Encrypted sessions (improved); HTTPS
  • communication; Audit trails (date, time, user) for all captured data; Session history;
  • Server audit trails (improved ); Session security hashing; Automatic background saving

.NET & JavaScript Scripting

  • Use script language to perform complex data validation
  • Comprehensive object model and rich event model allows control of all aspects of
  • the user’s interaction with the form
  • Designer includes syntax-highlighting editor and compiler (no Visual Studio license required)
  • Debugging form script via VS.NET supported
  • Scripting editor with auto-complete and real-time compilation of .NET code

Powerful Component Architecture

  • iCapture Component can be licensed to bring the intuitive mobile form interface of iCapture to your custom application
  • .NET architecture for easy integration into applications
  • Use the same object model in script code or external applications
  • Automate form prefill / workflow through web services

Centralized Management with iCapture Server

  • Paper-like & columnar formatted mobile web forms in browsers
  • Integrate mobile web forms into your own application
  • Manage archived sessions via deletion interface
  • Centralized authentication of users with standard security features
    • Password strength enforcement
    • Password expiration
    • Account lockout
  • Active Directory integration
  • Centralized data export including custom exports from script
  • Queue-based workflow for users and groups
    • Logic based on form contents
    • Form locking
  • Open web-services based communication over HTTP(S) for SDK built apps
  • Administrative re-export of data
  • Universally accessibly web-based interface
  • Built on industry standard technologies
  • Session archival and auditing
    • History of every session
    • Renderings of all pages in a form
    • Customer activity reporting for transactional based solutions
  • Session searching
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