Process Consulting

Let QUADRAS help you with your process challenges!

Many maintenance organizations often express frustration with the level of use they are getting from their EAM systems. We often hear things like "We are only using 20% of the system." "How can we get more out of our system?" "We have this installed, now what?"

Other areas of frustration include:

  • Analyzing reactive vs. corrective maintenance work-orders and costs
  • Tracking history of repairs for given assets
  • Seeing how much re-work is being done on corrective work-orders
  • Evaluating emergency/corrective and preventive work balances
  • Analyzing parts costs
  • Analyzing labor costs

QUADRAS can help with evaluating your current processes and working with you to align these processes with your EAM application. When processes and applications are properly aligned, improved results, lower costs and improved productivity can be achieved.

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